The Perfect Way to Stay Organized: A Paper Roller by Rettel Co.

We recently updated our kitchen and there was a small, empty wall space that I needed something for. I thought about hanging my letterboard, but the amount of time it takes to swap out what it says means I end up with a Christmas message well into March.

I found Rettel Co. on Instagram. They make these stylish + functional paper rollers that you can hang on your wall. They come in a few different sizes (I chose the smallest at 8 inches) and you can choose to purchase their kraft, white, or black paper rolls.

"Although small, this board is mightly. No matter the occasion, the 8" Rettel Roller is perfect for expressing yourself. The things that make you smile, the moments that make you tear up, or the laugh out loud quotes, you can highlight them all on this roller. Let's get this party started and, let's get rolling!"

They're a great way to add a little welcome message for guests or a seasonal drawing or sentiment, but just as great for a quick grocery list or weekly calendar. It was easy to hang, and came with everything I needed (including screws and wall plugs!). Aside from paper rollers (like this one) in sizes up to 24", they also make the cutest little desktop note rollers. I may have just ordered one for a Christmas gift! You can shop their full collection of paper rollers here.


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