I painted a mural inside a chicken coop.

Yep, you read that right. A chicken coop. From time to time, I get strange requests. Some recent ones include: Can you draw me some serpents and plague doctor for a tattoo on my ankle? (No.) Can you please send me all the digital files of your drawings so I can pick one out to print and frame? (Hard no.)

But then, from time to time, something odd comes along and I just can't say no. This time, it was a request from a friend for a floral mural in her new chicken coop.

Mind you, this chicken coop happens to be about as big as my entire eat-in-kitchen-slash-dining-space, but still a chicken coop nonetheless. I had to consider the fact that within a few weeks the painting will likely be covered in feathers and... well, you know. I also had to consider the fact that the painted portion was going to be on plywood, which means a rough surface and irregularities that are challenging for even the most seasoned artist (which I am not). Detailed florals wouldn't be an option.

So, alas, I agreed to paint this little mural. It was on one narrow wall of an enclosed area for the chickens with a roost halfway up the wall and a little ladder for the chickens to climb.

The scenery around the coop is what dreams are made of (farmland backing onto a winery) and the weather was perfection for painting outdoors (warm but breezy). I still need to seal the wall with a clear, washable topcoat, but I thought I'd share a couple photos of the current state because, chickens.

If you have any interest in tackling your own DIY mural, check out my full DIY Wall Mural Guide found here. In this guide, I share all my tips and tools and the process I follow to paint my floral wall murals, as well as some templates you're welcome to use if you're new to this!


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