What's your Birth Flower? New work featuring illustrated florals for each month of the year.

I've been wanting to create a collection of birth flower drawings for a while now. I love that each month has its own bloom with significance and meaning. I get many requests to create birth flower tattoos for

clients, as well, and I thought that by starting to create a small database of birth flowers it will be easier and more accessible to more people. Instead of charging clients a standard fee and redrawing birth flowers each time someone requests a birth flower tattoo, I'll have illustrations ready to present them with, keeping the costs down and making the idea of getting a special tattoo more attainable.

I also plan on having these drawings available to order as semi-custom illustrations: just choose which months you want included and I'll a

The first set of drawings I created are in my typical style - fineline, black ink drawings with no shading. I like to keep my lines clean and minimal, which lends itself well to tattoos! I created a set of blooms with stems, and a set of just the bloom (sort of an overhead shot).

Anyway take a scroll down to see some of the first drawings in this collection! Hope you enjoy :) If you want to check out the Birth Flower Collection on my website take a look here.

My wheels have been turning about all the things I can do with birth flower illustrations, like creating custom apparel (now available in my shop!)

Birth Flowers by Month

January - Snowdrop or Carnation

Febrauary - Primrose or Violet

March - Daffodil

April - Sweet Pea or Daisy

May - Lily of the Valley

June - Rose or Honeysuckle

July - Larkspur

August - Poppy

September - Peony or Aster

October - Cosmos or Marigold

November - Chrysanthemum or Peony

December - Narcissus or Holly


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I'm Karla, a mama, teacher and artist from Ontario, Canada. I have an affinity for all things floral. When I'm not wrangling babies you can find me sipping coffee, painting walls and rearranging rooms in my home or sitting down with my sketchbook and a good, felt-tipped pen. 

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